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Hairtools Mannequin Head 16-

Hairtools Mannequin Head 16-"18" Medium/Long Hair Standard

Product Code: 118641
Categories: Hair, Essentials & Accessories, Mannequin Heads
Brand: Hairtools

All Hair Tools Training Heads are made from 100% Human Hair, which is suitable for:

  • Hot styling with straighteners, curling Irons and hairdryers (Max temp - 200).

  • Hair colouring. Apply heat to speed up process time for better results.

  • Permanent waving. Apply heat to speed up process time for better results.

  • Cutting with scissors and razors. (not with dull scissors / razors).

  • Long hair styling and updos.


Features of the Hair Tools Training Heads:

  • Density:160-180 Hair/cm2.

  • Reinforced base for perfect vertical fitting.

  • DISINFECTION CERTIFICATE: This item has been chemically bathed and disinfected by steaming to ensure optimum safeguards.

  • HUMAN HAIR DISINFECTION PROCEDURES: Hair is boiled in water for six (6) hours, then washed in clear water. Next it is placed into acid bath for 5-20 minutes, then washed in sodium hydroxide to neutralize acids.  Afterwards, it is washed in clear water, then it is rinsed in a bath of H2O2 (peroxide) with ammonia, and again washed in clear water. The hair is then shampooed, conditioned and air dried naturally.

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