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Head Jog 96 44mm Heat Wave Radial Brush

Head Jog 96 44mm Heat Wave Radial Brush

Product Code: C100405
Categories: Hair, Hair Brushes & Combs, Hair Brushes
Brand: Head Jog
Size: 44mm

Radial brushes with ceramic ionic coated barrel featuring the Heat Wave technology, that helps reduce any unnecessary damage whilst heat styling.

HEAT WAVE SYSTEM: Whilst blow-drying over 60°c, the red strip on the barrel will change to fluorescent yellow; this is to warn you that you may be applying too much heat to the hair.

Available in 5 sizes: Head Jog 93 (18mm), Head Jog 94 (25mm), Head Jog 95 (34mm), Head Jog 96 (44mm), & Head Jog 97 (52mm).

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